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Love Poetry/Romantic Poetry in Urdu

Love/Romantic Poetry in Urdu – For several years, love poetry is an effective medium to express your feelings towards a person who is much special to you. It is a reason that poets of different languages do love poetry or romantic poetry.


When talking about the Urdu language, it is also filled with romantic poetry or love poetry. The romantic Shayari in Urdu or love poetry in Urdu has a long tradition. From a few years, the tradition of love Shayari or romantic Shayari has seen major developments. Now, people prefer to read romantic poetry in Urdu two lines instead of large poems. Urdu romantic poetry images along with romantic Urdu poetry 2 lines are also preferred by romantic poetry in Urdu for lovers.


It has been rightly said that love is the only reason for the World’s existence. Love makes the world a place to live in. Love Poetry is surely the language of love that is used to express your true emotions. Romantic Shayari in Urdu two lines is a proven matter that poetry enhances the reader’s emotional life. It is a human factor that relates Poetry to their personal experiences in life. Love Poetry in Urdu plays a major role to explain your true feelings that you do not want to hide. It requires concentration, patience, and attention of the reader. Love Poetry has been evolved many times and emerged several themes of romanticism. Romantic Shayari in Punjabi is not just famous in the East but also in the West. It became popular in the era of 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.


Love Poetry is not restricted to “lovers” but addresses to those who have experienced the desire to be loved. We have a melodious, heart touching, and the breathtaking awesome collection of romantic poetry, love quotes, and love poems that are romantic and gentle to perceive. Express your love with compelling romantic Love Poetry to your husband, wife, friends, and family. You can access some of the selected premium Love Poetry collection from some of the renowned names of Urdu literature including Faiz Ahmed Faiz, John Elia, Ghalib, Ahmed Faraz, Amjad Islam Amjad, Wasi Shah, Anwar Masood, Qateel Shifayi, Daag Dehlvi, Parveen Shakir and many others. We hope our latest collection of 4 Lines Urdu Romantic Poetry will create an everlasting thought on you. Read, share, and dedicate Love Poetry to your loved ones only on Romantic Diary.


Read the latest and largest collection of Urdu Love Poetry, Love Quotes, and Love Poems of famous Poets. Poetry is one of the most universal vehicles of human expression and Romantic Poetry in Urdu focuses on imagination, appreciation of nature, emotions, individualism, and passion. Love Poetry leans to use quite a simple language because it needs to have the flavor of impulsive speech. There are countless angles and point-of-views from which one can render their emotions of love through writing, narrating, and dedicating to interact with your inner feelings about loving someone or being loved. If you love someone and searching for the right platform to express your words and emotions then romantic Love Poetry in the Urdu section on RomanticDiary.Com is the best option for you.

Love Poetry in urdu

Love Poetry in urdu

Mirza Ghalib Love Poetry

Love Poetry in Urdu

Ghalib Poetry in Urdu

Love Poetry in Urdu


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