Kashmir Day Poetry

Kashmir Day Poetry

Kashmir day is also known as “Kashmir Solidarity Day” in Pakistan. In 1990, the Chief Minister of Punjab Nawaz Sharif called the political and religious parties to celebrate 5th February as Solidarity Day with the Kashmiris.

So, for the first time, the Kashmir day was celebrated on 5th Feb in 1990. He appealed the people to protest against India that has occupied a big part of Kashmir and does not let the Kashmiris live in a peaceful state.

So, the appeal was followed by the Pakistanis, and there were rallies, protest processions, speeches and prayers for the Kashmiri freedom movement across the land. The ruling party declared the day as a “Public Holiday” at that time.

The day is recognized on the international level. Now, every year on 5th Feb, Pakistanis celebrates Kashmir Day to support their Kashmiri Brethren in their struggle against the atrocities of Indian.

The people living in occupied Kashmir has been making efforts to breathe in the free air for the last seven decades. The Indian armed forces interrupt their freedom and have occupied their lands forcefully. They are struggling to set their country free and to live with freedom from India. Pakistanis support their aim, and they stand united with the Kashmiri people against India.

It is equally important for political parties and religious parties in Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. The political and religious parties in both the lands organize rallies, processions, conferences, and seminars to show their devotion to their Kashmiri Brethren.

The leaders and spokespersons of the parties make speeches to show their unity and devotion towards Kashmir and Kashmiri people. The people of Pakistan make the freedom movement of Kashmiris strengthened against Indian occupation. Kashmiris hate Indian occupation on their lands, and they are making struggle and sacrificing their lives to set their country free out of the foreign occupation. The Kashmiris want to live a free life and India wants to keep Kashmir as an Indian territory forcibly. However, Pakistan supports Kashmiri people and their freedom to live as an independent state.

Initially, the Kashmir Solidarity The day was observed in Pakistan. Now it has been observed on international levels. Pakistanis wherever they are, celebrate this day to show solidarity and devotion towards Kashmiris. For this purpose, the poets from various parts of the world write heart touching poems. The poems also show how much passionate love they are bearing in their hearts for Kashmir. Here, I am going to give a few examples of the poetry on Kashmir day. The poets from Pakistan, Kashmir and even from other countries have written about the freedom of Kashmir to make the world aware of the unjust and forceful occupation of India over Kashmir. Some poems are in Urdu while others are in English. Find them below.

Kashmir Day Poetry
Kashmir Day Poetry

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